Just and the Justifier

A Christian Distinctive


True Christianity, by the God of Scriptures own acknowledgement, is naturally counterintuitive to the notions of natural humanity. This reality becomes doubly true, when its ambassadors are at fault. We speak to our present interlocutors as if they all spoke Hebrew; when the lingua franca is Greek. Indeed, we don’t even know their language. And our prevailing theologies deter us from even considering the need to do so. Many Christians demand, what I consider to be, a disrespectful insistence that our interlocutors presume the veracity of Scriptures before tasting and testing it. Other Christians speak from a safe, formal and informal Protestant and Evangelical Magisterium; a Magisterium which contains significant errors, made self-evident in the current social and cultural milieu. All impedes the progress of the Gospel in this day.

But rather than wailing in flagellating introversion, this rendition of the meaning of the Cross seeks to point to a different manner of discourse that meets the lingua franca of the times. It takes to heart the Scriptural injunction to provide a reasoned defense of the Gospel, rather than merely an exegetical one. Starting from a political theory paradigm, it suggests that the Good Society requires a Sovereign who governs by moral authority and power; not through caprice of power alone. In order to achieve moral authority that Sovereign must be and must be perceived to exhibit an impeccable virtue and justice. If humanity remains outside of this Good Society because of its violations against universal law and justice, which the Sovereign embodies; any ‘amnesty’ scheme, any form of justification of humanity must satisfy the demands of a scrupulous Justice. God must have legal license to exonerate sinful humanity in order to save them. Justification must be rationally and morally built upon the foundation of Justice and not apart from it.

The primary focus of this Web Site centers around the themes of an upcoming book “Just and the Justifier”, which endeavours to explain the Gospel from the base of human thought – the reality and need for objective Truth, the Good and Justice.  It hopes to provide a vehicle for questions not answered or unclear in the text or just in general.

It is written by a person who has had to anguish over such concerns and implement some of these conclusions in order to overcome a long-term spiritual gauntlet and psychosis.

John Hutchinson – soulwayfarer @ gmail . com (remove spaces)
Dated:  March 05, 2013


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  1. John, I like your transparency. Thank you.

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